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Earth Concepts, Inc. ~ Custom Adobe Homes and Construction by Carlos Jaramillo. adobe, earth structure, construction, contractor, vigas, traditional design, home improvement, New Mexico, Santa Fe, Espanola, southwest, USA, united states.

Earth Concept's construction and design is inspired by the lives and homes of owner Carlos Jaramillo's own grandparents from El Rito and El Guique.

Energy-conscious construction that honors traditional Southwestern design - a sustainable living space that complements the earth around you.

Earth Concepts, Inc. uses all natural ingredients like vigas, custom mud plaster, wood doors and cabinets, stone counter tops, and custom adobe fireplaces.

Each of Earth Concepts' structures are an art form with special touches and attention to aesthetic detail.

Carlos Jaramillo has been building adobe homes for over 17 years in the Greater Santa Fe area. All work is custom by Carlos and an experienced and trusted group of contractors whom he has employed for many regional construction projects.

Carlos is a hands on builder, working at all stages of the adobe house construction: from operating the back-ho that digs the footings, to foundation cement pouring, mixing the mud and laying the adobes.